4-Way GateEdit

4-Way Gate is a Creon unit in The Iron Plague, expansion pack of the real-time strategy franchise, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.


From the handbook (Page 11):

Built by The Sage and Mechanic.
Fixed structure - Defensive - No Weapons.

A gate with four equidistant posts and four pairs of doors. All doors open inward allowing units to move through from/to any cardinal direction.


  • Without the use of third-party units, this is the only officially-created gate that allows to be operated from all four sides.
  • The only unit credited with being "Built by The Sage and Mechanic" as opposed to "Sage and Mechanic" or "Mechanic and Sage." One other unit, though, uses "The Sage" but amends it with "Mechanic and Chief Engineer."

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