It was near the end of the war, and after four thousand years the CORE empire stood on the brink of final victory over the ARM rebellion. ARM forces throughout the galaxy were overwhelmed by the superior numbers and firepower of the ruthless CORE. Their bid for freedom nearly lost, the battered remnants of the ARM military clustered in the single star system which contained its homeworld--Empyrrean. Empyrrean too would have fallen were it not for the skill of the sole surviving ARM Commander; a shrewd tactician and resourceful warrior, the Commander took advantage of the system's relative isolation and was able to keep the enemy at bay. Arm troops weathered wave after wave of CORE attacks, and it seemed as though they would be able to do so indefinitely. The stalemate ended when a small CORE insertion team managed to slip through planetary defences and establish the last of a chain of space-folding Galactic Gates which led directly to the surface of Empyrrean. A decoy engagement was staged at the ARM outpost on the outer planet of Calibran in order to lure the Commander away from Emyprrean, leaving the planet virtually defenceless. The invasion began.
— Mission narration

A Hero Returns is the first mission of the original ARM campaign.

The mission's objective is very simple, as all that is required is for a single ARM unit to reach the Galactic Gate seen to the north of the map.

Starting unitsEdit



  • Peewee x5
  • Rocko x2
  • Hammer x1
  • Jeffy x2
  • Flash x2
  • Stumpy x2
  • Galactic Gate x1


  • Peewee x5
  • Rocko x1
  • Hammer x1
  • Jeffy x2
  • Flash x2
  • Stumpy x1
  • Galactic Gate x1

Mission strategyEdit

Because of the straightforward nature of the mission's objective, there isn't really any form of strategy other than selecting the entire group of units and moving them north to the Galactic Gate, as it is pretty much guaranteed that at least one unit will find its way there in one piece, regardless of the difficulty level.

To add a form of self-imposed challenge to a mission that would otherwise be an extremely easy victory, a player can attempt to destroy all CORE units on the map before sending their units towards the Galactic Gate, though because said CORE units aren't overly numerous and mostly consist of Weasels and A.K.s, it's not overly difficult to destroy them all by just moving the entire group of ARM units around the map together. The majority of CORE's forces are situated on the left side of the map and are somewhat clustered together for better protection, though the very few units on the right of the map tend to be found on their own and are thus relatively easy to pick off.

Higher difficulties don't really offset the mission's lack of challenge even if a player makes an effort to destroy everything; medium difficulty will add one additional Storm to the left hand side of the map and hard difficulty will add a Thud just north of the leftmost rock seen at the starting location of the player's units. Ironically, medium difficulty can be argued as being easier than easy difficulty when going for the destroy everything challenge, as the easily destroyed Jeffy doesn't fare well in combat situations and the slow-to-start-firing Hammer is not well suited to quickly destroying units, while the gain of an additional Flash tank provides the speed and power necessary to dispatch opposing CORE units relatively quickly.


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