Balanced Annihilation is a mod for the Spring Project. It is currently the most played mod in the Spring community.

Balanced Annihilation features some unique design ideas that introduce great quality to the gameplay. BA uses Spring Engine – a powerful open source RTS engine which allows for the creation of highly customizable and complex games.

Operating thousands of units, with every single one of them being governed by its own separate physical mechanism. It means that every tank, ship or aircraft lives its own life and chooses its own targets. It results in a great complexity of tactics and perfect balance between two core components of RTS gameplay – micro and macro combat.

Topography of every battlefield in-game dictates which strategies should be used. Tanks are highly effective in flat regions, but they become obsolete on slopes and hilly terrain, where Kbots prove to be the most effective. Hovercraft and amphibious units can cross bodies of water to surprise your opponents. All-terrain units can easily bypass an enemy’s defense lines and attack when and where he least expects it. What is more, the ground in Balanced Annihilation is deformable, which means that every bigger explosion will redefine rules of the game. 

Hundreds of maps and various different game presets make the game different with every time you play. There are lots of so-called mod options available to differ from the default settings. You can also configure unit restrictions.

Balanced Annihilation - Endgame 4500+ units - ffwd

Balanced Annihilation - Endgame 4500+ units - ffwd

Distinguishing featuresEdit

  • Dedicated engine supporting 5000+ units.
  • Anti-air missile units cannot fire at ground units.
  • The most powerful power plant is the hazardous advanced fusion generator. It provides with 3000 energy, but when it explodes it takes the whole base with it.
  • It introduces some unique game mechanics, like terrain deformation due to explosions, or advanced unit microing interface.
  • The unit base is an amalgamate of OTA, CC, and other expansions/mods like TA:Escalation. 300+ units included.
  • More than 1000 playable maps.
  • Different game modes, like Chicken Defence (coop against a swarm of aliens) and unBA Coms, where commanders gain more power during the battle by lvling up.

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