Barathrum is a young molten planet, rich in metal resources. It is the fourth planet visited in the ARM campaign, and the second in the CORE campaign.


Barathrum is a young, fiery world whose molten surface has just started to cool. The barren, rocky crystals that make up the planet's surface are scarred by rivers and seas of lava. Barathrum is also known to be fabulously rich in metals and minerals, making it one of the most abundant resource nodes left in the galaxy. The metals of Barathrum were prized by ARM and CORE alike, who had established vast mining complexes that tapped into the planet's mineral-rich mantle.


Resource collection is not a big issue on Barathrum. Besides metal deposits, there are also plenty of thermal vents, which can provide an abundance of Energy if tapped by Geothermal Powerplants. There are also plenty of rocks and nodes, which can be reclaimed to gather Metal and Energy, respectively. Terrain-wise, there are no obstructions that will significantly affect ground forces, save for lava pools and rivers.