CORE KBot Base, Destroy It! is the second mission of ARM campaign, which follows after the Arm Commander's return to Empyrrean.


Core forces have established a KBot Lab and are using it to reinforce their numbers on the planet. It must be destroyed before the Core can strengthen its foothold on Empyrrean.


  • Destroy the Core KBot Lab.

Mission DetailsEdit

The enemy base with the KBot Lab you need to take out is located to the south, across a river that intersects the map. You will need a strong offensive force to break through Core defenses and reach the Lab.

First, set up a base on your side of the map. Build Solar Collectors to gather Energy and Metal Extractors to mine Metal. Then, set up a KBot Lab to assemble a strike force. You may also want to set up Light Laser Towers and a Radar Tower to keep your base safe from Core patrols. Once you have enough units, lead an attack against to the southern base and take out the Kbot Lab.

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