Dark Side
Dark Side
6 x 5
Surface Metal (me/s)
Min Wind Output (en/s)
Max Wind Output (en/s)
Average Wind Output (en/s)
Tidal Output (en/s)

Dark Side is a very small lunar map located on Aegus that gets its name from the darkened surface that's visible on the left portion of it; terrain elevations are commonplace and mostly take the form of sunken craters, though there are a few terrain elevations that units can use to take cover from enemy fire. The most notable feature about Dark Side is the significantly reduced gravity when compared to most other maps, something that substantially extends the firing arc of ballistic weaponry, though this comes with the drawbacks of said weapons being far harder to aim and overshooting close proximity targets that would otherwise be hit on maps with regular gravity.

Metal is not a hard resource to come by on Dark Side, as deposits are incredibly common and can be easily found all over the map, though a significant cluster of them can be observed in what would be a highly contested area in the centre of the map; there are also a few reclaimable rocks of varying sizes found around the map at irregular intervals, with a particularly large rock situated in the upper right hand corner. Water, thermal vents and even wind are completely absent from this map, which limits energy production to Solar Collectors and Fusion Power Plants/Fusion Reactors, though it is unlikely that any of this energy will be needed to power Metal Makers, due to the vast amount of metal deposits likely being sufficient enough to sustain a stable metal economy.