Doomsday Machine
Built by
Tech Level
Metal Cost
Energy Cost
Build Time
Max Velocity (m/s)
Acceleration (m/s/s)
Turn Rate (deg/s)

The Doomsday Machine is a level 3 tower that uses high amounts of energy to function, hence the description "Energy Weapon". It has three laser turrets - first located on the lowest level, fires red laser beams like light laser towers. Second turret located a little above, fires green laser beams,  just like heavy laser turrets. On the top there is a third turret, which fires the most powerful weapon: a blue laser, which is capable of destroying most of enemy land units with one hit and leave badly damaged those which have managed to survive, though on the flip side, each shot from blue laser drains 850 energy. Before the Doomsday machine can attack it needs to "open up", which takes about 5 seconds. It is worth noting that it can sustain twice as much damage if it is closed up.

Unfortunately, something limits the usefulness of this unit: the turret with the blue laser, which has the longest range and the highest damage of all three weapons, turns incredibly slowly, though this is considered a bug. The Doomsday machine can be flanked easily and it won't be able to defend itself properly, although this could be repaired in community patches. When destroyed, a large explosion radius may cause damage to buildings or units in its vincity. Because of these disadvantages, it is considered inferior to its ARM counterpart, the Annihilator.

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