Elsin of Aramon (The Mage King)Edit

Elsin of Aramon is an Aramon unit in the real-time strategy computer game, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.
Elsin of Aramon



From the handbook (Page 34):

"The Mage King Elsin is the benevolent monarch of Aramon. Elsin wields a mighty mogrite long sword — which he uses to direct immense magical energy. He possesses a Legacy that gives him regenerative powers. Elsin is the founder of Aramon — he can build Tier 1 structures. His spells are Lightning, Meteor and Earthen Wave."


His spells are Lightning, Meteor and Earthen Wave. Aramon does more damage than any other monarch, able to kill any of them in a one on one fight.

Units and structures monarch can buildEdit

  • Watch tower
  • Ark
  • gate
  • wall
  • Lodestone
  • Ark
  • Anu: Deity of Aramon
  • Barracks

Unique AbilityEdit

Elsin can raise the dead, be they a corpse or turned to stone, and convert enemy units he raises to his side.


Should he get to an enemy builder, he can raise them, and thus allow his side to build everything the other faction can.