Gelidus is a cold, frozen world, the outermost planet of the Ossilon System and the last planet visited in the Core Contingency campaign.


Gelidus is a glittering ice world on the very edge of the Ossilon System, and the most inhospitable of the Ossilon planets. Fierce winds drive snow from glacier peaks, which falls to the ground as hailstones the size of boulders. Despite the planet's hazardous nature, the CORE had built their main stronghold here and had assembled the Galactic Implosion Device within their glacial fortress.


Metal resources are scarce on Gelidus, so you'll have to rely on Metal Makers and reclaimed wreckage for Metal. Though the planet lacks thermal vents, Wind Generators are most effective here.

The hailstorms are similar to to the meteor showers on Rougpelt, but they are slightly weaker (damage-wise) and span the entire map when triggered, so it best to have a construction unit available if repairs are needed for storm damage. Though the hailstorms are a potential danger, the enemy is your biggest worry.

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