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The Guardian is a level 2 tower that serves as a long-ranged defensive emplacement; it fires powerful plasma shells that are effective against tough, slow-moving units such as large tanks and ships, but less effective against fast, smaller units due to its shells only travelling at a moderate speed, giving the targeted unit enough time to quickly move away from the location that the Guardian was firing at.

Guardians have greater range than that of heavy rocket launchers, which makes the tower a good counter against them; additionally, it has the armour to resist extreme amounts of punishment, although it takes the longest time to build among ARM level 2 Towers. Its CORE counterpart is the Punisher. The Guardian has slightly longer firing range then the Punisher.

Commander's HandbookEdit

Heavy Plasma Cannon “GUARDIAN”
Guardian is used as indirect artillery to fire over hills or other obstacles. It is also used for coastal defenses since its range is sufficient to trade shots with cruisers and battleships.



The Guardian's 3D model as seen in 3DO Builder.

The Guardian sports a hexagonal-shaped, camo-textured base with an arch-like object placed on top, making it look somewhat like a bell or a wishing well. In the middle of the arch is a dividing block that separates the two miniature Bertha-styled barrels, with two flat, triangular objects on either side going down the middle. The top of the arch is coated with the team colour, and a small trapezoidal prism can be found in the middle of the highest point of the arch.


Because its firing range is larger than its line of sight, radar or visual detection are needed for it to be at its best; the latter being more favorable as it will allow the Guardian to automatically target enemies without having to build a Targeting Facility. If enemy units bunch together having trouble crossing at a point, or just stop to fire at something, then they of course become easy pickings. The player can also have it constantly hitting one spot where the enemy is likely to pass over.

Given visual or radar support, the Guardian can outrange most land or marine units except missle frigates (Ranger and Missile Frigate) and cruisers (Conqueror and Executioner).


  • Like all ballistic turrets, if the ground right next to the Guardian is fired upon by the Guardian itself, its weapon will travel further than its maximum range intends.

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