Heart of Thesh

Heart of Thesh

The Heart of Thesh is an enigmatic artifact, dating to the ancient kingdom of Kandra. It was the source of power for the five wizards of Kandra.

The War of KingdomsEdit

The knight Jorath of Heldane was dispatched on a quest to find and accuire the heart in order to find it and stop the undead hordes Lokken besieging Aramon.


The scholars of Aramon placed the heart in Veruna near the city of Lothol. However it turns out that the heart 

Heart stolen

The pedestal with the missing heart.

resided in the ruins of Kandran temple in Zhon. Unbeknown to Joreth however vas the fact that Lokken also sought the heart and had dispatched his servants both magical and mundane to seek the heart. Arriving just before Joreth at the ancient kandran complex, they stole the heart and transported it to Taros. Afther succesfully recapturing the heart, Joreth and his band took it to the site of the ancient kandran capitol - Estoril, where they used it to summon a great golden dragon of Anu.

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