A Hovercraft is a unit class introduced in the Core Contingency expansion pack for Total Annihilation.

Hovercraft are primarily land-based units, but can (as the name suggests) hover across water. They are available to both the CORE and the ARM; the CORE use an artificial intelligence module in their hovercraft while the ARM use clones to drive them. Hovercraft are generally fast both on land and water but have poor armor. Hovercraft weaponry differs, ranging from standard shell ammo to rocket launchers; overall their in-game damage values are well-balanced. In order to build hovercraft, a construction unit must first build a Hovercraft Platform; any level 1 construction unit can do so excluding the Commander and Construction Ships.

List of hovercraftEdit

There are only twelve official hovercraft in total, with six for both the CORE and the ARM. These range from fast scouts such as the Skimmer to unit transporters like the Turtle. All Hovercraft are listed below.




  • Unlike the rest of the level 1 factories, there is no official level 2 version of the Hovercraft Platform, which in turn means that there is no Adv. Construction Hovercraft. However, the Hovercraft Platform can be considered to be of level 2 status anyway.

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