Joreth of Heldain

Joreth of Heldain was an aramonian kinght and loyal servant of lord commander of eastern realm of Aramon . He was dispatched on a quest to find the Heart of Thesh , a mithycal artifact dating back to ancient Kandra, which was assumed to be able to halt the tarosian undead army.

The questEdit

Joreth began his quest in Aramon where he escaped a garrison besiged by the undead. The aramonian scholars, afther consulting the ancient scrolls, positioned the heart somewhere near the Verunian city of Lothol.

After arriving in Lothol, Joreth found the city besiged by zhonian beasts, but worse, it was revealed that the heart lies not in veruna, but in Zhon. Afther departing from Lothol, the expedition sailed to zhonian jungles in order to locate the temple, housing the heart. Afther fighting their way through a number of zhonian beasts, they've found to their despair Tarosians have already took the Heart for themselves. In the end, however, they've succeeded and finally recovered the heart from the temple of Belial.

Having secured the heart, Joreth and his band traveled back to Veruna to an ancient Kandran site where a special ritual was to be performed in order to draw out the heart's true power. Three sacred deers were to be procured from the surrounding area, brought to the central site and sacrificed around the heart. To everyone's amazement, what emerged was a powerfull Gold Dragon of Anu. With the help of this magnificent beast, Joreth and his entourage were able to help Veruna in expelling Zhon beasts from it's islands, liberate Aramon form the tarosian undead hordes, and finally besiege Lokken at his capitol Elam.

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