Lusch is a warm forest world and second planet in the Ossilon System. It is the second planet visited in the Core Contingency campaign.


Lusch is covered by dense jungles and steaming swamps. The narrow waterways leading through the bogs and bayous impede the movement of most ships, and they are often too deep to be forded by ground units. There are also rugged mountains and sheer cliffs that are also difficult for ground units to tackle. Deadly alien Scorpions lurk in the jungles near the Alien Beacon, preying on anything that invades their territory.


Non-amphibious Kbots and vehicles are unable to cross many rivers and swamps on Lusch, so they are of no use outside of base defense. Ships are completely useless, since the rivers are too narrow to accommodate anything bigger than scout ships. Luckily, hovercraft are able to negotiate the difficult terrain with ease; a primary strike force comprised of hovercraft coupled with some fighter and gunship air support is most effective on Lusch, however, be on the lookout for Scorpions.

Like Empyrrean, there is an abundance of trees and foliage which can be reclaimed for Energy, but this also presents the problem of there being limited building space. There are also Oolok trees, which also confer a small amount of Metal when reclaimed.

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