The forum post containing information about it, showing off pictures of some of the new units, links to information and downloads about it, and whatnot, can be found here.

This mod does not allow missile shooting units to hit ground units, a massive change from the original Total Annihilation. This has led some(actually just me) to compare it to paper, rock, scissors. [1]

  • Rock = artillery/tank units
  • Scissors = missile units
  • Paper = aircraft

You don't know what you'll enemy will send, so its random guessing now.

Rock beats scissors, scissors has no chance against rock but can destroy paper, paper defeats rock.

In the original Total Annihilation, missile shooting units could hit anything, and got a significant amount of bonus damage when hitting an aircraft.

Commander and build units can not speed up factory production as they can in other mods and in the original Total Annihilation. Exception is for Level 3 shipyard and Seaplane factory, this apparently a bug. Level 1 transport aircraft can not pick up Commander, but the level 3 transport aircraft can.

Torpedo bombers are unable to find underwater units on their own, requiring a sonar plane, or sonar station.

Both sides have a resurrection kbot and a resurrection submarine, able to restore destroyed units, be they friend or foe, to life and then heal them to full health.

Unique unitsEdit


  • Liche Stealthy Atomic bomber able to do a considerable amount of damage. Will attack whatever is nearest sometimes, instead of what it was told to target. Does damage any units, including those on its own side. Does far less damage to bombers of any type, than it does other things, and gets a massive bonus against Krogoths and flagships.
default = 5625
KROGOTH = 10000
SUBS = 5
  • Bantha - Heavy Assault Mech-Hunter, known as Krogoth in the original Total Annihilation series, is the strongest land unit in the game. It fires four different weapons with different degrees of damage, and if made to self destruct(ctrl D) then it will count as a nuclear missile landing. [2]


  • Juggernaut (barely) Mobile Heavy Turret
  • Krow Flying Fortress



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