The Mind Mage is a Tier 3 Taros support unit. He provides the only means for the Taros faction to capture enemy units. He is very slow and cannot be transported, but he does has a very short ranged radar.

It has two capture spells: single unit and group. The single unit spell can be cast three times before the mind mage's personal mana runs dry. It is a short ranged attack that sometimes fails to capture a unit. The group capture unit is an area of effect spell centered on the mind mage himself that affects all enemy units around. It has the same chances of capturing an unit than the single unit capture spell but each unit is affected (or not) individually. It can only be cast once until mage's mana recharges fully.

To be used effectively the mind mage needs protection from other units, such as zombies, executioners or blade demons, until he closes enough to cast his single unit capture spell. The group attack is used as last resort, when surrounded or surprised by enemy units. The best use of the mind mage is when he attacks undefended builder units that will allow Taros to get access other faction's units (and their unique dragons).

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