Over Crude Water
Over Crude Water
25 x 25
Surface Metal (me/s)
Min Wind Output (en/s)
Max Wind Output (en/s)
Average Wind Output (en/s)
Tidal Output (en/s)

Over Crude Water is one of the three Core Prime maps that came bundled with the original version of Total Annihilation; it is a large map consisting of many narrow interconnecting metal bridges and a large metal section in the centre, with smaller sections situated at the edges of the map and even smaller sections in the corners of the map. Because Over Crude Water is a Core Prime map, building a Metal Extractor anywhere will generate the maximum amount of metal possible; this also extends to building Underwater Metal Extractors in the varies bodies of water, a feature not available in non-Core Prime pre-Core Contingency maps.

The map has very few reclaimable features, all of which are located in the large central section, though it is often not necessary to reclaim these features as they all give metal, a resource which is naturally abundant on Core Prime maps. Despite the absence of objects that can be reclaimed for energy, energy generation methods are not hard to come by, as Tidal Generators can be built in the various bodies of water to generate a constant 25 energy; there are also various thermal vents found around the major land sections of the map, with 4 in the central section and 2 on each of the smaller sections around the perimeter. As with all Core Prime maps with thermal vents, each individual vent can have up to four Geothermal Powerplants built on top of it.