Patch 1.1 was the first patch released by Cavedog Entertainment for Total Annihilation.

New Features Edit

  • Shortcut keys for sending messages in multi-player. During a multi-player game, you can preface a chat messages with an 'a' or an 'e' and your message will only be seen by certain players. a sends message to allies only. e sends message to enemies only. Type "," or ";" or ":" in between the shortcut and the message. Example: e:this is the end of you! (This message will only be seen by your enemies.)
  • F4 or spacebar will now bring up the Scorecard in Skirmish as well as in multi-player.
  • Type "+switchalt" in the message bar to change the squad select from alt(#1-9) to (#1-9). This changes the unit menu call from (#1-9) to alt(#1-9).

Fixes Edit

  • A fix for the invisible unit bug.
  • Two modifications can be made to remedy sound problems or crashes relating to old or non-DirectX compatible sound card drivers. Download Totala.ini from the Total Annihilation website,, to make either of the following modifications:
    • UseWindowsSound (or -w on the command line). Use the standard Windows multimedia interface for playing sounds instead of DirectSound. Set this to 1 to use Windows sound, and 0 to use DirectSound. NOTE: Setting this value to 1 will allow you to play the game if DirectSound does not work properly on your system. However, the audio quality will be greatly decreased, especially during heavy battles.Also, you will not get any audio narration with your mission briefings or any sound in the movies.
    • NoDirectSound (or -s on the command line). Disable the use of DirectSound. Set this to 1 to disable sound in the game. Set it to 0 to use sound normally. Disable the sound if you do not have a sound card or the game crashes while trying to play sounds.

Copy Totala.ini to the folder containing Totala.exe and set the option you need equal to one. You can also add a switch on the command line to activate these options.

  • A fix that allows different languages to play multi-player against each other. Players using a non-English version of Total Annihilation should upgrade to the v1.1 patch before playing a multi-player game against another language version.
  • An AI tweak so the enemy Commander is less likely to rush your base, unless provoked.
  • The difficulty settings for skirmish mode have been adjusted so that the differences between easy, medium and hard are more distinct.
  • A fix for the NT sound bug.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

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