Patch 1.2 was the second patch released for Total Annihilation.

New Features Edit

  • Downloadable Units - Version 1.2 BETA 1 patch is required to add downloadable units to your game. Install this patch before installing a downloaded unit.
  • Taerrors.txt - If a crash occurs, the game will output a text file called "Taerrors.txt" into your Total Annihilation directory. Cavedog can use this to help isolate the crash bug. This text can be entered into the bug entry section of

Fixes Edit

  • Standing Order Maneuver Bug - When a unit's standing orders are set to maneuver, the unit will now attack its target until the target is destroyed. Before this fix, the unit would return back to its starting location after firing once if its target was farther then one screen away.
  • Deathmatch Scorecard - While playing a multi-player Deathmatch game, the Scorecard kill count now reflects the number of enemy Commanders you have killed. The loss count tracks how many times your Commander has been killed.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.

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