Patch 2.0b1 was the third patch released for Total Annihilation.

New Features Edit

  • Multi-player AI - Total Annihilation now offers an AI opponent feature in multi-player. In the Battle Room, click on any PLAYER button to toggle between UNUSED, BLOCKED and AI player slots. The AI player name will reflect the name of the player who added the AI opponent. Each player may add only one AI player. There is no AI option in Deathmatch.

NOTE: Depending on the units restricted, the AI may not perform optimally when build restrictions are imposed in multi-player.

  • The Battle Room has an added TEAM column. If you want to ally with an AI player, you must use the buttons in the TEAM column to form this alliance. TEAMs work just like alliances, with the exception that TEAMs cannot be broken once the game has started. When forming a TEAM, allied victory is automatically set.
  • The AI will build any new units you have downloaded and installed on your machine.
  • Holding shift while queuing up units to be built from a factory will now add 5 units per mouse click.
  • There is a new option to have your units shoot all enemy units and structures. Type +shootall in the chat box to toggle this command on and off.
  • The AI has been further enhanced for Skirmish mode.

Fixes Edit

  • The ability for construction units to swap build menus has been eliminated.
  • Loading a unit in the process of self-destructing will no longer cancel the self-destruct order.

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