Rougpelt is a barren world seen in the original ARM and CORE campaigns. In the ARM campaign, it follows after Barathrum and precedes Dump, and in the CORE campaign, it follows after Aqueous Minor and precedes Nigh Pilago.


Rougpelt is a barren wasteland, covered by red dunes and scattered seas, and lacking in any valuable resources. The only natives lifeforms worth mentioning are the large alien creepers that grow in the rocky deserts of Rougpelt. Fragments of the planet's shattered moon often rain down upon the surface in devastating meteor showers, wreaking havoc upon anything caught in the shower. There are also many natural landmarks, such as the Abutment and Xantippe's Abyss, that are especially difficult for ground units to traverse.

Despite the planet's inhospitable nature, Rougpelt had been a mighty stronghold for the CORE for over a thousand years. Because the Galactic Gates leading to Core Prime and Nigh Pilago are located here, it is of great strategic importance, despite the planet's relatively poor natural resources.


Metal deposits are usually scarce and spaced far apart on Rougpelt campaign maps, which may require you to set up some Metal Makers to help you get started on your base. Using Metal Makers shouldn't be a problem, since there are enough reclaimable plants and thermal vents to supply all the Energy you need.

Rougpelt's terrain is rugged and hilly, making it difficult for land units to move. Some missions, like Stockpile at the Abutment and Xantippe's Abyss, involve terrain obstacles that are impassable for all except aircraft, however, you may also use the difficult terrain to your advantage by using hills and ridges as natural fortification for your base.

The meteor showers on Rougpelt pose a serious threat to yourself and the enemy alike. They fall in large quantities over a small radius, and they destroy or cause severe damage to everything caught in the shower. With this in mind, you should have a team of construction units on standby for emergency repairs.

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