A Ship is a unit that is limited to water masses, both the CORE and the ARM can utilise these units for water based warfare; the CORE use patterning to produce ships that operate using some form of large artificial intelligence module, the ARM use clones as crew members that operate the ship. Ships are heavily armoured units, they are capable of taking serious punishment from ground units while they fight back with weapons powerful enough to deal significant damage to towers that would otherwise take little damage from other units; because of the strength of ships, they take a long time to build and drain resources more than other units during the building process. In order to build ships, the Commander (or any construction unit that is able to) must first build a Shipyard.

List of shipsEdit

There are many Ships for both the CORE and the ARM ranging from fast scouts such as the Skeeter, to colossal battleships like the Warlord; all of which are listed below.



*Core Contingency units.

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