Smithy is a Creon unit in The Iron Plague, expansion pack of the real-time strategy franchise, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.


From the handbook (Page 11):

Built by The Sage, Mechanic and Chief Engineer
Fixed structure - Factory - No Weapons.

The Smithy is a busy industrial-looking building with smokestacks, and large billows. Its detailed operations are evident when the phasing of a unit is in progress. The Smithy is the point of origin for all of Creon's most basic infantry and mechanized creations.

It can be used to train the following units: Barnstormer, Automaton, Fire Wagon, Tortoise, Mechanic.


  • The handbook has numerous proofreading & grammatical errors. For instance, "Smithy" is sometimes credited as "The Smithy" rather then just "Smithy." Also, the description of the unit Smithy contains grammatical errors ("a" for "an," for instance).