Concept Taros Capital

Tarosian capital Elam

Taros is a faction in the game Total Annihilation Kingdoms. Its monarch is Lokken, who is the second strongest monarch in the game, and has the ability to cloak himself.

Taros benefits from having its advance builder able to fly, allowing it to place advanced lodestones about much easier.

Taros generates more energy through its faction bonus.

Taros lacks any artillery units, thus can not fire over walls and terrain.

Taros has a flying transport unit, the ghost ships, able to go through walls and over most terrain.

An often seen tactic, is to build up an army of Sky Knights and then swarm them over to one target after another, taking out anything that could harm them, then clearing out everything else around worthy of attention.

Taros has a capture unit, the Mind Mage.

Units added after the game shippedEdit

  • Kamikaze rat: able to cloak and explode when hit, good at clearing out buildings
  • Fallen Angel: able to use death sword, fireball attack, and raining balls of fire down upon enemies
  • Dark Hand: Melee warrior
  • Rictus: Range attack, able to fly over water, and fire above some walls having a superior height

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