Temblor is a rocky, unstable world, which is the third planet in the Ossilon System and the third planet visited in the Core Contingency campaign.


Temblor is a highly unstable world, its tectonic plates constantly shifting and colliding, resulting in spasmotic earthquakes. The misshapen landmasses are divided by vast bottomless chasms that vent noxious gases from somewhere far below, and asteroid fragments fall in sporadic showers. However, Temblor also possesses abundant Metal resources, compensating for its many hazards.


Metal is in abundance on Temblor, and the richest deposits are found in deep fissures, which can be easily defended by an array of laser and missile turrets. Thermal vents are also common in Temblor missions, so neither Energy nor Metal should be a problem.

At this point in the campaign, Mines and Fortification Walls are available to use as defence. The lack of rugged terrain and other natural defenses should be compelling enough to set up multiple defenses. Fortification Walls can be used to impede enemy movement and create choke points, much like Dragon's Teeth, and units can also use them as cover against enemy fire. Mines can thwart enemy attacks by damaging or destroying enemy units, and a well-deployed minefield can eliminate an entire strike force before it reaches the base.

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