Tergiverse IV is an arid world, the third planet visited in the ARM campaign, following after Thalassean and preceding Barathrum.


Tergiverse IV had once been a sparkling water world covered by vast seas, but had been drained dry, its resources used elsewhere in the war. The great oceans have been reduced to parched deserts and windblown canyons. The CORE had established a strong presence on Tergiverse IV, using the canyons as fortifications for their bases.


Because the canyons and mesas hamper the movement of ground units, the usage of aircraft is ideal on this world. In addition, it is relatively easy to defend a base by using laser turrets and Dragon's Teeth to fortify narrow choke points. Metal Deposits are typically found on the low ground, though there might be one or two atop a mesa. In maps with more open ground, it would be a good idea to build Aircraft Plants, Solar Collectors and a Radar Tower on mesas. You should also set up a ring of turrets on the cliffs, which will rain fire down on ground units that crowd around the mesa wall. The usage of Dragon's Teeth can make it difficult for ground units to traverse otherwise open terrain, and can help defend Metal Extractors on the low ground.

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