Thalassean is a watery world, the second planet visited in the ARM campaign, following after Empyrrean and preceding Tergiverse IV.


Much of Thalassean is covered by water, interrupted only by scattered windswept islands of various sizes. The vast seas are ideal for ships and naval units, though the lack of available resources on land make matters difficult.


Metal deposits are scarce on the islands, so Metal Makers are required to bolster Metal economy. The high winds of Thalassean make Wind Generators most effective, and Tidal Generators can be used instead of Solar Collectors to save space on land.

Ships and naval units are introduced here. Scout ships can be used for reconnaissance and attacking aircraft, while Enforcers/Crusaders, Snakes/Lurkers, and other warships are ideal for handling enemy fleets. Setting up Torpedo Launchers around the perimeter, while reinforcing islands with Heavy Laser Towers and Plasma Batteries is a wise strategy.

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