The Beacon is the Sixth mission in the ARM Core Contingency Campaign, and the last mission set on the Planet Lusch.


Arm scouts have confirmed the location of the Alien Artifact. It is within a massive ancient structure to the east of their current position. Arm must secure the artifact and eliminate all hostiles nearby.


  • Capture the Alien Beacon
  • Destroy all Core units and Scorpions

Mission DetailsEdit

You start out on the remains of the Core island fortress you razed in the last mission. There are plenty of wrecked structures for you to reclaim and use to quickly set up your base. You should get your defenses up and running as soon as possible, since the Core will be sending Rapiers, Morties and Hovercraft to attack you soon. Make good use of the water by setting up some floating turrets and aquatic resource structures to free up land space.

The Beacon and the Core base nearby are protected by AA Flak Guns, so your attack force will have to be restricted to Hovercraft and Kbots. Be especially cautious when approaching the Beacon and the Scorpions that guard it. Once you've secured the area around the Beacon, send in the Commander to capture it, then mop up any stragglers left on the map.

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