Time to Leave is the Twelfth and final CORE mission in the Core Contingency campaign, set at the Core's main fortress on Gelidus.


The Galactic Implosion Device is ready at last, and is now powering up to fire. However, the Arm is preparing for an all-out attack against the Core stronghold. The Core Commander and the remaining Core forces must keep the Arm at bay long enough for the Implosion Device to activate.


  • Hold off the Arm attack for 60 minutes.
  • The Implosion Device must survive.

Mission DetailsEdit

The Arm will be throwing waves of attacking units constantly, so stay on your toes. The objective is to survive for one hour and to prevent the destruction of the Implosion Device. You've been provided with enough forces to give you time to set up a more solid defense, including Pop-Up Laser and Plasma Turrets and a Krogoth. Set up some more turrets, including some Missle Towers and/or Flak Guns for AA defense, and build up a garrison of troops to aid in your defense. Have Construction Units repair your units/turrets between attacks/hailstorms. Also, do not lose the Krogoth. It's your strongest defender here, and it'll be too expensive to replace it if it dies.

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