Tortoise Pack
Latest version
Release date
3rd July 2012 (T1 Tortoises)

The Tortoise Pack is a unit pack created by TA-SECT originally as a counterpart to TA-Power's Spider Pack, but under certain events that occurred during mid-2012, it became more of a counterpart to Mayhem Inc.'s updated Spider Pack than the original.

Fitting the CORE's unit style nicely, the Tortoises are slow, but well-armoured and each come equipped with an array of weaponry, ranging from artillery shells to sniper lasers. An additional bonus of the Tortoises is that they are all amphibious, allowing for extended use on the battlefield. Like their Spider counterparts, the Tortoise units are built in their own factory and have their own construction unit.


The Tortoise Pack started out as a single unit known as the Outback created by TA-SECT head, M1Garland (although at the time, TA-SECT hadn't been formed); this original version of the Outback bares no actual resemblance to the Outback present in the unit pack, other than the name and its purpose.

A short while after the release of the stand-alone Outback unit, M1Garland started a number of threads on TAUniverse's forums that displayed additional Tortoise models, including an updated version of the Outback that was significantly different to the original. Several members of TAUniverse pitched in to help work on the different aspects of the unit pack, including the scripting of the Tortoises and the respective unitpics and data files, as well as their own Tortoise units.

Although the publicly released version of the pack only contains level 1 Tortoise units, additional Tortoises (including T1, T2 and T3) are currently being created.

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