A Tower is a non-mobile structure available to both the CORE and the ARM thats purpose is to act as a form of defence; there are many different types of tower, some function as ranged base defence or anti-air defence, while others can detect incoming enemy units. The CORE build patterned towers with an artificial intelligence module that aims and fires the tower, while the ARM use clones to aim and fire the tower. It is considered that certain ARM towers are more accurate than CORE counterparts, but have a shorter range.

List of towersEdit

There are many towers for both the CORE and the ARM, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. It is usually a good idea to use a mix of different towers when building a defence line as each can cover the others' blind spots.



*Core Contingency units.

**Battle Tactics units.

***Post-Patch 3.1 units.

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