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    As some of you may have noticed, a new contributor briefly appeared in the wiki activity stream performing the simple task of replacing every instance of my signature with my new one; this user is actually my bot, known for his numerous tasks performed on the MUGEN Database.

    In short, I feel that he may find use editing here as well, though I need your approval in order for Wikia to flag him as a bot; a bot's contributions are hidden from the wiki activity stream in order to prevent it from being flooded. For anyone worried about the possibility of Plasmo going haywire and suddenly blanking every page, I can assure you that he runs semi-automated and only ever does linear tasks such as removing or replacing a specific piece of text.

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  • PlasmoidThunder

    What happens when you cross Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander with planetary bases and comets as kinetic bombardment weapons? This beautiful thing:

    But wait, there's also this trailer for you to enjoy, and John Patrick Lowrie (the narrator of TA) will also be narrating this game!

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  • PlasmoidThunder

    Should we?

    August 13, 2012 by PlasmoidThunder

    Should TA Wiki have articles about 3rd-party units? Not the whole of UnitUniverse (oh thank GOD!), but proper unit packs like CPUP, Spider Pack, Tortoise Pack, Adv. Hovercraft pack, etc.? Not packs that contain two units (one for CORE one for ARM) obviously. We'd have a page for the pack itself, and additional pages about the units contained in the pack.

    Of course I think we should document all the official units first...


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