Vengeance! is the eighteenth mission in the ARM Campaign, taking place on Rougpelt after neutralizing the Nuclear Missile Silo at Brooban's Isle.


The Core have taken a number of Arm units and are holding them hostage. They have threatened to make an example out of them. This obscene act cannot go unpunished! They must be destroyed!


  • Destroy all Core units in the area

Mission DetailsEdit

You have a handful of KBots and Vehicles, plus an Adv. Construction KBot to help with repairs. The captive units include 20 Peewees held within the Core base to the south. Building has been disabled in this mission, but you have all the units you need to confront the Core. Gather your forces, set your Construction KBot to repair, then lead an all-out attack against the Core. Kill them. Kill them all.

Gallery Edit

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