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The Warlord is a level 2 battleship; it is armed with two weapons, a plasma turret and a heavy laser turret. The laser turret has a shorter range but much better firing rate and accuracy than the plasma turret, allowing the Warlord to perform efficiently at both close range and long range. It is excellent at destroying other ships and shore bombardment, and can also withstand extreme amounts of punishment, but is completely defenseless against submarines. Its ARM counterpart is the Millenium.

Commander's HandbookEdit

Battleship “WARLORD”
The Warlord is designed to destroy surface ships and coastal batteries.

Factional differencesEdit

It is interesting to note that unlike the ARM Millenium, the Warlord lacks a second plasma turret, and sports a heavy laser turret in its place. Although shorter in range in comparison to plasma turrets and lacks area of effect damage, the laser turret is highly capable. With high rate of fire and accuracy, it is able to deal more effective damage against enemy units, including many non-naval units, than plasma turrets, which can miss on many occasions against agile scout ships and Kbots. In some cases, the Warlord is even able to shoot down level 1 fighter aircraft and bombers with ease.

This is a significant difference to the Millenium's sole reliance on plasma turrets which makes it better suited for offshore bombardment of enemy bases. It is also a clear distinction amongst other ships of the CORE navy, such as the executioner which plays a similar, anti-ship role, making the Warlord a very useful unit despite its lack of anti-air and torpedoes.

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