The Weather Witch is a support unit with personal mana pool that allows her to cast Tornado, Thunderbolt, and Ice storm spells for attacking enemy units. The witch is however very fagile and slow and sometimes fails at casting a spell. It is recommended to transport her in Ghost ships to move her through the map or withdraw her.

The Tornado spell is the one by default, and unlike other default spells it consumes mana. The spell creates a tornado that moves ramdomly greately damaging other units in its path, including the players own units and the witch that summoned it herself. Hower, the tornado can pass through walls and other obsttructions, allowing the witch to damage other units without exposing herself much.

The Thunderbolt spell is a medium ranged linear attack that can be blocked by walls. It is the most recommended one when the witch is surrounded by allies. It also consumes her personal mana and can be cast aproximately twelve times before running out of mana. It has aproximately the same range as skeleton archer's arrows.

The Ice Storm spell is the most destructive one an can be cast only once as it depletes all her personal mana. It allows to cause damage over a large area to units and structures alike. All Taros magic users have a variant of this area of attack spell.

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