Xantippe's Abyss is the 15th mission in the CORE Campaign. In this mission, the Core must destroy an Arm Annihilator weapon located at a heavily-defended base on the other side of the large canyon called Xantippe's Abyss.

Overview Edit

The Arm has built an Annihilator Energy Weapon at one of their bases. The base lies across a deep canyon known as "Xantippe's Abyss". The Abyss and the base's strong defenses will make direct attacks difficult. Capture the neaby Bertha Cannon and use it to weaken the enemy's defenses. Then, destroy the Annihilator.


  • Capture a Bertha Cannon
  • Destroy the Annihilator

Mission DetailsEdit

The map is split into two sides, with the Arm base occupying a small portion at the north end and your side occupying the south, both sides divided by the Xantippe's Abyss canyon. There is a small bridge leading across on the east side of the canyon, but it will be heavily guarded. It is recommended that you capture the nearby Bertha Cannons so that you can clear an opening for your forces (not to mention that it is required to win).

You have it easy in this mission. Your side encompasses roughly 3/4 of the map, so you'll have plenty of Metal Deposits and Thermal Vents to go around, plus the Arm presence on your side is very small. In fact, you may not even need to assemble an army to destroy the Annihilator at all. It is possible to just simply capture the Bertha, build an Advanced Radar Tower, then bombard the enemy base until you destroy the Annihilator. However, you should still be prepared to deal with Arm attacks and meteor showers.

Gallery Edit

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