Concept Zhon Capital

Ruins of kandran city of Ulasem

Zhon is a faction in the game Total Annihilation Kingdoms.

Thirsha the huntress is the monarch of Zhon. She can fly, build death totems, sacred fires, beast handlers, and lodestones. Her mobility of flight allows her to get to mana sources before anyone else, and build lodestones there.

Instead of buildings to produce its units, Zhon has build units to do so. This makes them smaller targets, and allows them to remain mobile.

Zhon has a flying transport to move its build units around the map.

The Stone Giants are able to do a considerable amount of damage from a fair distance, throwing stones at their enemy.

Drakes are stronger and more costly and do more damage than wisps do, but wisps are harder to hit.

The swamp beast is considered a tier 1 unit, despite its great strength. Unlike other tier 1 units, it can easily destroy watchtowers, one swamp beast fighting just one watchtower winning with ease. It can fight on land or water, easily wiping out far more costly enemy ships. Their travel speed on land is slower than other units, so its best to make something that can walk or fly faster to wipe out any enemy catapults.

Harpies are a flying capture unit. If sent to mana sites where an enemy will likely send its build units, it can capture them, and thus allow you to build all that your enemy does. Can be combined with rocs for air transport, bringing the captured unit back to your base rather quickly, and avoiding the chance of the enemy killing it before you get it back. In a player versus AI match, the player's harpies can not capture Creon neodragons, but an AI Zhon can capture a player's neodragons with its harpies. Harpies are the best way to eliminate enemy rolling towers, they capturing them with ease, and making the air safe for the drakes.

Placing several sacred fires around a death totem, allows it to be repaired from damage. The sacred fires will also heal each other.

Units created after game shippedEdit

  • Spirit wolf: able to turn any corpse into a smaller and weaker version of itself to add fighters to the battlefield.
  • Giant barracuda: a tough and strong naval unit. However, since it is able to fight only in melee, it can only fight other naval units or structures and attack ground units or buildings that are located adjactent to the shore.
  • Giant Orm: added so that Zhon, the only faction without walls, could more easily tear down its enemy's defenses. They are well-known for bringing down Lodestones with just a single hit.
  • Swamp Beast: Powerful amphibious melee unit. Since it can both walk and swim, it can fight both on land or water.

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